Why Do Dogs Like Toys?

Perhaps the underlying reason is because they simulate prey.  Observing your dog messing around will no doubt give you some clue as to what kind of toy they may like.

The pair of friends shown here can be a good start point. One is soft and plush while the other is more for the dogs who like to pull in play.  Some dogs get real satisfaction from tearing a toy apart!

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This little dog called Coconut, was not interested in toys until she was introduced to this one of our dog pals on the right.

Toys are probably best introduced when they are younger or puppies because that’s when they’re more playful.

Don’t forget that success with dog toys also depend on you! It’s really a matter of trying to get the dog to “play” and not teasing them. Like humans, they like to win too. So make sure it’s rewarding.

Working dogs searching for dugs or contraband will work their little legs off just to get the reward of playing with a ball.